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Naturensbalm is a range of safe, environmentally acceptable embalming products, developed for the funeral industry to provide the embalmer with a healthier working environment. The range is compliant with the European Union’s Biocide Products Directive (BPD).

Our products are administered employing standard embalming equipment and techniques. Naturensbalm has unique rehydrating properties which will provide the deceased with a more natural appearance – as if ‘sleeping’.


Naturensbalm is completely safe, does not pose any health risk to humans.

Does not produce any toxic fumes.

Is not carcinogenic or mutagenic.

Naturensbalm provides protection from cross infection as it is proven to kill bacteria and viruses.


Naturensbam pose no threat of ground water table contamination of burial grounds.

Suitable for use in green burial grounds.

There is no threat of contamination if spillage accidentally occurs during use or transportation.

Our products can be despatched by standard delivery and does not need specialist storage facilities.


Naturensbalm rehydrates and does not firm up the tissue of the deceased, giving a more natural appearance.

Hard leathery lips, scarring and pre-inflicted razor burns are concealed and rehydrated.

Unlike current embalming solutions Jaundice cases can be treated with Naturensbalm.

Naturensbalm is not a long-term embalming solution; it is a sanitizing process post death preburial/cremation.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us or go explore our website where you can download our combined Information Pack / Embalming Product Range / Practical Guide for New Users and also the MSDS Technical Data Sheets.

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