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Is yours a Green business?

We all know that we need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and, as discussed in our last Newsletter, we also know that the wider public has an interest in the environment. Governments and agencies around the world are trying to reduce carbon emissions and – even if you don’t believe in global warming – everyone has an interest in reducing their outgoings.

There are many ways to tackle this of course. Is it really necessary to leave lights on all night? Maybe your shop window, but do you need to light the back office? You have your company logo as a screensaver on your PC, but does it need to be scrolling away all night when no one is there? How many little red lights are blinking away 24/7 on machines that don’t need to be on?

Then there’s transport. Engines are more efficient than they have ever been, but is your fuel economy all it might be? Does your business make or cause unnecessary journeys? Are electric vehicles a practical alternative, or is the initial cost too great? Even if you go down this route, are you happy about the wider environmental consequences?

How about coffins and another funeral regalia? Do you try to use sustainable, natural materials? Will they degrade over time and do they contain pollutants? If it is to be a cremation, will there be toxic fumes? It is easy to think that we must give customers what they want – whether that is a cultural or a financial demand – but do they really understand the wider impact?

Very few businesses will run on entirely green principles and we certainly don’t suggest that people can make all of these changes, or do so all in one go. However each of these – and many other – little steps can make a difference both to the environment and to your balance sheet.

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