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Sample pack: Enough product enclosed for one case.

Water-based product for Thanatoraxy treatment.



-NATUREArterial (1-litre concentrate): An organic, non-toxic sanitising and disinfecting fluid. In its original state, NATUREArterial is a dark brown/yellow viscous solution, which works in conjunction with NATUREFlo, an activator and arterial conditioner.


-NATURECavity (1-litre bottle): A cavity fluid designed for straight cases. Available in bottles or dispensing cartridges. 


Also NATUREFlo (for a standard case) or NATUREOedema (for an oedema case):


-NATUREFlo (500ml bottle) : Designed to activate the NATUREArterial by reducing the surface tension and to allow the viscous fluid to penetrate the tissues of the body more effectively. NATUREFlo also removes the dark colour, allowing the operators to‘self-dye’ the fluid to their own specific requirements.


-NATUREOedema (500 ml bottle): Helps stabilize bodies with excess fluid retention, should be used as a direct replacement for NATUREFlo not in addition.


-NATUREColourant (sample bottle): A red colour concentrate specifically designed to work with NATUREArterial to provide excellent presentation for viewing.


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